The year has begun so its time to get back to the work!!  I confess that during my Christmas break I worked out very little and ate, well, more than I should have!!!  I had a sesson early with my trainer today, who you will hear lots about!  Then off to the the gym with my friend and we both knew it was gonna be ugly!  Not as bad as we thought in the end but I was huffin and puffin a little more then usual.

Now, I am still working on this layout a bit  and how to make it easy to read and follow.  I don’t want to ramble but I also want to basically be raw in what I went through and what I did.  Probably some sarcasm to go along with the rawness.   Like telling you that I was able to eat all that Ben and Jerry’s at night – ALL BY MYSELF!!  My trainer asked me today if I was doing that when I first started working with her.  Yes, yes I was.  Shocking how the pounds were’t coming off then.

I am attempting to connect my page with twitter and facebook and of course that is going GREAT!!  Just may have to ask the hubby to step in.

So, we are off to a great start this year with working out and we will have no doubts about our ability to meet our goals!!!!!  Right?

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