I am going to be adding two new tabs today on my page.  I figure I should give you all more history on my journey.  I will probably do separate tabs for weight loss and epilepsy.  I shall be updating my “about” tab as well.  I am having a pretty good view of my page in the short amount of time that I have been up.  To follow it you click on the purple diamond in the bottom right corner.   Have a great day!!

Another tip – pick a small goal.  By that I mean don’t look at the total amount of weight you want to drop.  This is scary but I’m gonna tell ya, no women ever likes to admit there true weight, my first goal was to be under 220!!  There you have it!!  Oh, and I wasn’t starting at 221 – I was the weight of an NFL linebacker!!!  My friend and I joke about that!  My highest – 258!!  My husband is 6″6′ and I didn’t weigh much less then him.  Don’t ask my age though, I won’t tell you!  Good Luck!

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