We all have different schedules so each of us will have to make a different plan.  But make the plan – and force yourself, FORCE YOURSELF to stick to it!!  I do not work outside the home so once the fam is off to work and school I come in the house and immediately put on my workout clothes!  If you work outside your home too – if you have a gym membership – pack your gym clothes and put them in your car.  They will glare at you and you will have to put in some gym time!  You don’t have to have a gym membership to workout either.  Get some workout DVD’s, do them before or after work.   Go to health magazine websites, they always have exercises that you can do at home.  Lots of us go on pinterest.  There is a fitness/health section.  You’d be surprised at how many workout plans are listed.  We can’t make excuses!!  I did FOREVER!!  “I have epilepsy, I can’t drive, so how am I gonna get to the gym?”  That was mine.  If we want it bad enough we will make it happen.  Get the gym clothes out, make them look at you in the face and do something that makes you sweat and get your heart rate up!  Hmmm, last part of that sentence could go in different directions, my friends know it would with me!  Nother tid bit about me – sarcasm and gutter mind.  Sorry!!  We can do it – Good Luck!!!!!

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