On the weekend we often have plans for dinners out, a meal with friends, party’s etc.  It was very easy for me to tell myself that since I was going out for dinner, heck I’ll just take the whole day off!  I was just talking about this with a friend of mine the other day.  The one day off turned into the entire weekend off and no healthy choices were made!  I would make two steps forward during the week and then three steps back over the weekend.  I eventually found that I could and still can allow myself to enjoy a special dinner or a party.  I just had to learn to plan around that dinner out or the party.  Make healthy choices for your other meals and snacks during the day and then enjoy the dinner out.  Then the next day right back on track.  I am a person who gets the taste for something and it will not go away til I have it!!!  If I am dying to have pancakes, I have them – that is one thing that I will crave.  Then I move on to healthy picks!!!  Good Luck!

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