The weekends can be really, really hard for several reasons!  For me, I find it hard to stick to a workout schedule.  I usually don’t have plans with my trainer and my workout buddy and I don’t go to the gym on weekends.  So often, I want to take a nap, sit and rest or watch one of my fav scary movies!!!!  Crap, I just got that feeling of oooohhhh, I wanna sit in our bed and watch TV all day!   Oh and it does happen, I won’t lie.  One weekend my daughter and I watched the entire season of The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, Making the Team.  We sure did and it was awesome!!   My daughter is a funny kid and when the weekends roll around she’s all – bye Mom I’m hanging with my cool Dad!  So it is a rare occasion that she wants to hang with me.  I am left to entertain myself,  she usually doesn’t want me to come with them when they go out.  That is when its easy for me to snuggle in and rest.  Plus those morning meds kick in and its hard for me to think of doing anything else.

So, I share this with you – my trainer has said on many occasion to just move.  It doesn’t have to be the intense workout that you may normally do during the week but you can’t sit still all day.  House work, yard work, running errands – that all counts!  Don’t send your kids to grab something upstairs for you, run the steps yourself.  I am not suggesting that you never sit but just have a decent time period of the day that you know you were walking, bending, lifting etc.

You all know I am not a professional in weight loss, but I share the things that worked for me and hope they work for you!!

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