Ugh, dreary day.

  • Posted on January 6, 2013 at 2:30 pm

So it’s rainy and cold today.  My daughter is off to dance in a couple of hours for a couple of hours and my husband has been helping our neighbor with a project, so he will prob be gone for a bit too.  So once again I struggle.  I want to do nothing but stay in my pj’s and watch Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween.  That would be my movie pick for the day.  Two years after starting this journey and meeting my goal – I still battle this.  I recall telling you this yesterday-maybe?  Haha, the brain doesn’t function so well anymore.  But TWO days in a row I am going to have to find the will power to move.  Somedays I don’t think this will ever change.  I fear I will struggle with this every weekend.  In the end I make it through.  Today I will put up the Christmas decorations, finish laundry and do a quick workout set at the house.  So, if you understand how I feel – please know that you are not the only one!!  Most of us trying to lose weight and maintain it struggle with very similar issues.  I have shared my struggles with you all this weekend – we can all push through!!

8 Comments on Ugh, dreary day.

  1. Sande says:

    Cold and rainy here too. I already have on cuddly sweaty thinking about reading a book. Because of your post, I will sweat a little first.

  2. mbey71 says:

    Yyeeeaahhhh!! I like that!

  3. Minnie says:

    I feel this way everyday!!!! Told Ann I would never get to the point where I crave exercise!

  4. mbey71 says:

    U will b surprised my friend!! U r gonna look forward to Wed.’s!!!!!

  5. Stacey Carse says:

    Ummmm, did you shower?? Hehe.

  6. mbey71 says:

    ummm, hello? hi!!! you know I didn’t. I have to check my app and see what she says!! I missed you this weekend!!

  7. Stacey Carse says:

    I missed u too!! When we do our movie??

  8. mbey71 says:

    Oh, we do our movie whenever – you tell me!! Gym times are early and my thurs at school. How about next week?

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