Well, I went to the gym with my buddy. I go to Fitness 19 in my home town.  Great place, lots you can do and people are friendly.  Pretty much everyone listens to their own music and they don’t give a crap about who is doing whatever next to them or what someone looks like from across the room!!  If you are wanting to join a gym but are embarrassed, don’t be!!!  That’s what I thought for years and that is why I didn’t join one.  Then when I couldn’t drive I used that as my excuse.  If I had really wanted to workout at a gym, I would have made it happen.  I am able to get myself where I need to be.  So not being able to drive was my crutch.

I work out with a few people – my buddy, my trainer and two other friends.  We have our various schedules as to when we all go.  I can tell you that none of us pay attention to what other people look like or what they are doing.  We are all focused on what we want to do.  This is a pretty general rule of thumb for most gym members, honest truth.  Additionally, don’t take yourself so serious when you workout in front of others.  Everyone has insecurities.  My gym buddy and I pretty much make complete jackwagons out of ourselves and enjoy it even more when we can embarrass our other friends.  We are still working hard, just adding some fun!

Through several of my posts I have referenced healthy choices.  Dont think of being on a diet.  That always felt like a negative to me.  Make choices healthy.  It’s a lifestyle change.  I didn’t drop 110 pds to turn around and start eating McDonald’s once I met my goal.  My trainer and a good friend just commented on eating certain things in moderation.  Very true!  I certainly am not saying I will never eat McDonald’s again, I want no one to think I don’t.  But as they both said, moderation.  I guess for me soda has to be moderation.  I really can’t give it up completely.  Ben&Jerry’s though, sorry guys we just can’t be friends!!

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