I started this blog the middle of last week, so I’ve been posting consistently for four or five days now.  Today is Monday and most of us who want to start our journey to lose weight say we will start on Monday.  IT’S MONDAY!!!!  I will be heading to the gym shortly with my gym buddy!!!  What are you all going to do today?  Make time for yourself, we forget to do that!!!  I have heard from so many people since starting this blog and so many of us feel the same.  We don’t take the time to take care of ourselves.  We also accept things for what they are.  I was always so embarrassed to go back to the town I grew up in because of my weight.  Then I stopped caring because I accepted my weight for what is was.  We don’t have to!!  Dig deep, find that time and think about what you really really want!!!  My gym buddy will be here in a minute and I am not dressed.  Plus, I forgot what else I was gonna tell you.  Dig deep and think!  I’ll be back shortly

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