I CAN’T workout without my music!!  I forgot my ear buds one day when I went to the gym and I thought I was gonna die during cardio!!  If you are looking for suggestions, pinterest always has lists of the best workout tunes.  When I mention pinterest, you can also just go to the internet but pinterest is my quick way of finding things.  I listen to artists from one extreme to other.  Pitbull, Ludacris, Maroon 5 and of course JOSH GROBAN.  How can I possibly listen to Josh Groban while working out?  My friends always ask me that!  Clears the mind people!  Believe me my mind needs to be cleared, wait does it?  I can’t remember!!  In all seriousness, find music that motivates you.  I listen to music all day.  When I am home, TV is off and music is on.  During my weight loss journey – music helped keep me off my a*%!  Oh yes, I break out some moves too while I’m going about my day.  My husband put a security camara in our family room and I often wonder if he turns it on and catches me.  Good laugh for him and the rest of his office if he does.

Even when my daughter gets home from school, music stays on.  Not because I am opposed to TV, it’s just more fun for she and I.  We totally bust out serious dance moves to certain songs.  She’s good though.  She is also a Josh Groban fan.  When she is in her play room and Josh comes on, I enjoy hearing her sing in whatever language his is.  Well, we both do that and we don’t speak any other languages.

Have fun with music!  It will keep you moving!!!!!!!!

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