I am sharing this tip but it is one I haven’t mastered yet.  I struggle with this every single day!  Do not weigh every day!!!!  Two years after starting down the road to weight loss and I still struggle with this.  My scale has a blue light that comes on when I step on it.  I always think in my head, does my husband see the light?  That goes through my head cause I know I shouldn’t be doing it!!!  My trainer has told me countless times to stop!!  It can be so discouraging when we don’t see the number drop!  I forget that my weight fluctuates daily.  Well I don’t forget, I just don’t care!!  If I have been eating good and working hard, I want that number down.  Once a week is what I am told, even once every two weeks.  Additionally, we are supposed to really go by how our clothes fit.  As we eat better and exercise we are going to gain muscle.  Muscle weighs more than fat.  Stop focusing on the number, per my trainer, but focus more on how I look and feel.  There is no way this chick isn’t stepping on the scale at least once a week though.  I am still working on that.  I even have a deal with a friend.  We’ve both picked a day of the week and are going to try to stick to it!  Pick a day of the week and make it your day!  Stick to it!

I’ve talked about my trainer several times already.  I haven’t said much detail yet because she will come up in my detailed story.  But I’ll give you a short version.  I met her about a year prior to really trying to lose weight.  We connected instantly, we liked each others sense of humor.  We are both funny and can make each other laugh in an instant!  The seal laugh when nothing comes out and you just clap before you can make a sound.  She is very sweet and kind.  We laugh when referencing sweet, I am indeed not sweet.  Nice, not sweet.  She made me accountable.  She pushed me to points where I wanted nothing more but to just punch her in the face.  I love her but there were times when I absolutely hated her!!!!  She kicked my ass!!!!!!  It’s what I personally needed.  Still do.

Push through, Good Luck!

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