Stress!! Ugh!!

  • Posted on January 9, 2013 at 12:13 pm

Stress is such a pain in the butt!!  I don’t have a lot of it but when I do I just can’t think straight!  I honestly can’t keep my thoughts straight right now while I type to you all.  I share my anxiousness with you because those of us that have children know the running around and getting from one place to the other for activities can be crazy and eventually take over!! We have a daughter and she dances and plays violin.  She is on a competition dance team and it keeps her pretty busy.  She takes violin lessons once a week and has to practice daily.  I look at my friends with more than one child and I often wonder how they keep up.  I am stressed just thinking about it!!!

My daughters dance team has their first competition this weekend in D.C.  There is a lot of preparation going into it.  You don’t want all the details but this is what she likes, what she does as her activity and my husband and I support her.  Stress is a big trigger of seizures for me.  I try to stay calm and my husband is so good about reminding me to do that – I seriously don’t need seizures in the middle of all that’s going on.  I am going up with a friend but this is the first time I will be away in a hotel room with no one staying with me.  I am a little nervous but trying not to be.  I don’t want Elizabeth to pick up on it.  I don’t really even know if a lot of people on the team know about my epilepsy.  I have two friends who do and the teachers know.  So I know I have them all there if I need them.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because there is some marble loaf pound cake on my kitchen counter right now and I want to eat every piece in the container!!!!!  That is why!!  Those two paragraphs to tell you that I want to shove my face full of something that is so bad yet will taste so yummy!!  I am going to step away.  I have dance stuff to do so I am going to turn the music up so loud that you can hear it outside my house. I have decided that I will take the apple in the bowl next to the cake.  I struggle people, every day.  I have dropped the weight but I still work every day at it!!  If I thought I could stop at one of the small slices maybe I would have a piece.  BUT I KNOW I WON’T.

Be aware of what triggers your eating.  Good Luck!!!

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  1. Mom says:

    I’m sorry I am not going with you but you CAN do this..take big breaths and focus on what NEEDS to be done. It will all fall in place. You did fine last year with me really didn’t need me for anything. You know now what to expect, just stay focused. I know you will take healthy snacks and that will be all you will have time to eat. You are amazing you CAN do this! xo

  2. mbey71 says:

    I know – I am not really worried but I am. If that makes any sense. I appreciate it – I will miss you!!!

  3. Jenn says:

    Michelle, I am not sure if this will help you or not, it helped me to get off of sugar totally last May. I say sugar..I mean sweets. That is my downfall. Once I got off of it, I did the two week South Beach where you get off of it totally and start adding things back, I don’t like to eat it much at all anymore. I don’t like what it does to my body. But for me to do it, I had to across the board say no more. I won the Biggest Loser at work, I have lost 49 pounds in the last year. I do P90X at home because my youngest has Autism and I can’t really go to the gym. I SO understand about stress and the comfort food. I really do. I am right there beside you, doing the same thing. You will be awesome, I know you will!

  4. mbey71 says:

    Hey Jenn, Thanks!! Sweets are the absolute hardest for me!!!! Especially cake type sweets and of course Ben & Jerry’s. I am going to get the south beach info. I totally need that craving out of my system. I like that idea of not wanting it!!!! Good for you in accomplishing that AND your weight loss!! That is awesome! Thank you!! You are awesome!!

  5. Jenn says:

    You are so welcome!!! I used to eat nothing but sweets I mean that was my meal. And I thought peanut butter fudge was protein, I mean right? 🙂 That was my biggest challenge was getting that out of my system. And now, even today I smelled the box of donuts and did not eat them. And thank you, and you are awesome!!!

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