It’s very early  – I am not a fan of being up so early!  I have to get my daughter off to school and then get my day going.  I shared yesterday that I was a bit stressed.  Not so much today.  I have lots to do though, just like all of you.  My trainer is busy and my gym buddy and I are not going to the gym.  We both have dance stuff to do!!  I will have to make myself do something at the house.  My husband fixed up a gym room for me quite a while ago.  I have an elliptical, weight machine and free weights.  He did this because I didn’t want to go to the gym – leave the house to workout. Many people feel this way when heavy, I certainly did.   So I usually do something in my gym everyday, even if I have had a training session or been to Fitness19.  Some days not a lot but usually everyday.  I’m not crazy, I’m not overboard.  I’ve lost 110 pds people – there is a lot of toning to be done!  That is my plan, workout at home.  As I have said to several of you in messages and I have said in my posts, I will take time for myself as  I hope you all will do too!  My regular workout plans are different but I can’t blow off excercise all together.    Stick to it!!

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