Back in town and glad to be back home!!!  Had a great time in DC with my daughter and the awesome dance team that she has the privilege of being a part of!!!  Amazing girls, teachers and parents.  This is a very special group of people!  Girls that are so amazing to one another.  They love each other and it is the best thing to see.  The teachers love these girls so much and give so much encouragement.  My daughter is being taught to do her best YET push herself, love her teammates, dance as a team, support one another and to be proud of the studio she is a part of.   I couldn’t wish for more!!  She is constantly challenged and is so happy!!  Going on her sixth year with these ladies and she tells me she just can’t ever imagine not dancing with them.

I’ve made some amazing friends and feel blessed.  To be able to sit in a room with women for seven hours, be together for crazy competition changes, sit the next day for another six hours and be able to sit and laugh the whole time – that’s a wonderful thing.  This Studio is just filled with people who would do anything to help out.  I knew that before but I will share a fabulous story later explaining how incredible this group is.  I am very tired, like the rest of the team family.  I am glad to be home with my husband and to be going to bed in my bed.

Back tomorrow, Goodnight all!  Goodnight to UD!!!!! Much Love!!!!



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