Hope everyone had a great weekend!  DC was busy but lots of fun.  I am extremely tired today and am thinking it wouldn’t take much for me to cry.  Tears don’t come real easy for me but today could be an exception.  Everything from our weekend trip is laying throughout our kitchen but probably isn’t going to be touched today.  My husband has encouraged a nap and that is going to happen in just a few.  As he said to me – the mess will be there tomorrow.  There is no workout for me today.  My gym buddy and I are taking the day off and I won’t being doing anything at home.  Parents, teachers and dancers were moving all weekend long.  There were a few hours of down time but the speed walking, running, bending, lifting etc. was far greater.  I feel no guilt in taking a day to recover.  We do need rest and recovery – our bodies and emotions will usually let us know.  Mine is telling me to chill before I start crying over nothing.

I did not eat great while gone.  I am not happy about it BUT I am not going to beat myself up over it either.  My plan has been and is to eat healthy and make the best choices and I do that most of the time.  I also know that there are going to be times when I eat something I normally wouldn’t.  There are also times when my choices are what they are and I go with it.  I know I could put more effort into making healthy happen but I don’t.  This last weekend, well, too much was going on and picking what was easy was what I did.  I decided a while back that I would no longer set myself up for weight loss perfection!  I used to convince myself that I could never stumble.  Then when I did I was so defeated that I just gave up.   The bigger thing for me now is that once I am back in my home and on my regular schedule, I get right back into working out and eating healthy.  Believe me this is not mastered!  I’ve lost the weight and am pretty much at my goal but I will never be in a place where I can forget about my health.  Working out is routine for me now, that won’t change.  Eating healthy, that’s where I know I can trip up.


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