A fun little side note to share about my epilepsy while in DC.  Please remember that I tend to be sarcastic and find humor with my situation.  I’ll start by saying that seizures were not what caused the shake up for my friends whilst in the midst of competition.  Oh no, no.  Had it just been that, well, my friends would only have had to deal with brief seconds of me drifting off into la la land, uncontrolled laughter, some mumbling – easy stuff!!  I decided that I should provide them with more to take on!!  Medication, yes!!  I never really know what little tricks my morning medication will play but it’s always great fun to see.  Saturday, competition day, the trick was full-blown face numbness, dizziness, jumping/cross-eyed vision and some trouble walking straight.  Right in the middle of classes which was a couple of hours before competition.  I thought they needed more pressure!!

In all seriousness, I became my friends additional child to manage.  I was juggled between four friends.  They had me to my room to rest, my child was taken care of, dance bags were moved to where they needed to be, daughter changed for numbers and me shuttled back and forth to watch our girls dance.  Around 6 hours for me to come out of my dizzy to fog state.  They took my daughter and I on while having their own children and own plans.  I have thanked them over and over.  I am so very fortunate!  I of course would do the same for them and they know it.  Many people hear dance team and they say “dance mom” and think of the show.  Not true for us.

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