Good morning!!!  It’s Tuesday and time to get back into my routine.  If you said over the weekend you were gonna get started Monday and you didn’t – don’t wait for next Monday!  I wish I had a quarter for every Monday that came and went and I didn’t start my weight loss plan.  I shared my weekend with you all and told you I wasn’t doing anything yesterday – I didn’t!!!  I wasn’t joking.  I’m not going to wait til next Monday to get focused and back on track though.  I will do it today.  If you are waiting til next week, don’t!  I made somewhat better choices yesterday but what did I have for dinner?  PIZZA!  Yep, I sure did.  THAT wasn’t my plan.  I was tired so I was lazy so in turn I ordered out – it happens.  I can’t use that excuse today.  I can’t put it off.  Healthy choices and workouts start today!!!    I don’t care that it’s a Tuesday!!  It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is or what plans you have socially a few days from now.  Don’t let that stop you from starting today!

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