Over the last ten years I have struggled with my weight,  CLEARLY.  Some days I sit here typing to you all and wish I could tell you just how hard it was for me to commit to losing weight.  I’ve made posts, I’m telling you my stories and battles.  I just don’t know how to truly explain to you how I made it happen!!  What finally clicked in my head, how I got there.  I can sit here typing and be that person on a commercial that says if I can do it so can you!  That is true but I really wish I could give you more than that.  For me I had to clear my head!  I could no longer say off the cuff, I am going to get in shape.  I needed to really think about what was really, really important to me.

What means the most to you has to be for-front in your mind, ALL THE TIME.  I wanna be healthy, I wanna look good – sometimes that’s not enough!! Do I wanna look good or would I rather eat an entire box of hostess ding dongs?  I’ve told you some stuff so don’t think for a second that I haven’t done that!  Bought the box and hid them from my husband because I wanted them all to myself!!  Oh, and eaten in one day too!  Dig deep guys.  Really think about it.  I don’t think I ever really did in the past.  I thought about the vanity – wanting to look good again.  That wasn’t enough to push me through.  When I really, and I mean really, thought about my daughter and my husband – that changed things for me.  I had to learn to back away from unhealthy foods and the large amounts of it.  I also had to push myself to move.  Started out slow but I started.  To this day I’ll think about wanting something that I know I shouldn’t have and I literally talk myself through NOT having it.   I am in the kitchen reaching for it and I talk to myself – not just in my head.  I know before I had success, I would just go full force in.  I’d say I was going to workout and diet and lose 100 pds.!!  Clearly that didn’t work.

Accepting that it was going to be very hard and that I was going to have bumps on the way helped too.  Don’t set yourself up.  If you have struggled like me – baby steps may work for you too.  I’ve shared several tips, go back and read them.  I struggled for ten years to make it happen.  These last two years were successful and we can all find ways to make weight loss successful for each of us.  What’s more important – the cake or your family?  Pick the family guys!  The cake is enjoyed for that moment – you can enjoy your family far longer!!!  You can get through!!

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