I am trying to get a post out to you all first thing in the morning.  Two reasons : 1 – I hope something I say will help you through whatever battle you are facing in the morning.  2 – Because I still struggle every day.  When I post to you all it forces me to do what I say I am gonna do.  I guess some days hearing me repeat myself is ok, maybe you need someone to encourage you.  I have that from Ms. T.  Yesterday during our workout I struggled.  She got me through by encouraging me.  Very loud encouragement!!  It’s hard for me to give up in front of her.  There was no way I wasn’t getting through those push-ups!!  Hell no!!

I’m probably going to come back to this post later today and be like – what the hell were you saying Michelle.  I’m very cloudy today.  My medication is bothering me a little this morning.  I am still going to go to the gym with my gym buddy.  If I have to walk while she run’s, I will.  Friends and family have handled me before in public, maybe I’ll make it her turn today.  That is my battle today, maybe yours is something else.  Try though, try to take care of yourself today.  It is true that working out gives you more energy in the end.  I’ve said it before, I know, but healthy choices and exercise are part of my life forever.  Hence we so often hear lifestyle change.  It’s ok though.  It’s my lifestyle, I try not to look at it as a negative.  Most times I am successful.  Again, I falter, but I get right back on track!!  110 pds. guys – I met my goal, we can all meet our goals!!!

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