The fog has lifted and I can see my computer clearly.  My gym buddy didn’t have to take care of me, I was able to function.  That was my battle and I got through.  I do have to share this with you because my gym buddy and I were laughing about it on our way home from working out.  I will set this up for those of you who haven’t read about the two of us and for those who have, this will just be a reminder.  We think  we are really funny.  We are very well aware of the fact that we make complete spectacles out of ourselves at the gym but we don’t care.   Additionally, we find great joy in embarrassing our other friends when we’re all there together.  We have given up on trying to embarrass each other, just doesn’t work.  We always tell each other that we are cool when really we are not.  It is ridiculous but it works for us.  It keeps us committed to our work outs and we have fun.

She has not felt great the last couple of days so we have been doing our own exercise, no gym.  Today we were both die-hard about getting to the gym.  She was on her way to pick me up and found out the daycare at the gym was closed.  She was determined to go so she made arrangements for her son.  She picked me up, we drove past the gym to drop her son off, went to the gym, went back to get her son and then she dropped me off and she went home.  We went all over Chesapeake but we got to the gym.  Several choice words and jokes were made – all about ourselves and getting that workout done.  I had to push through my cloud and she had to make arrangements for her son. We did though!!

Of course our schedules are all different but block out your time.  It is going to be easier for some people than others but do it!!  We drove all over Chesapeake but we were gonna get to the gym.  She could have so easily text me and said she couldn’t go but she didn’t.  We got our workout in AND got to make fun of ourselves too.

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