Waking up early stinks!!  All night I was praying for snow, we were supposed to get some.  We didn’t get any!!!  I certainly can’t see it if we did.  Kids were all excited, my daughter was hoping.  Its going to be a regular school day.  Pooh!!!  I am re-arranging thoughts in my head cause I was hoping Elizabeth would be home and a couple of my friends and I were going to get together for coffee.  Oh no, I wasn’t planning to skip a workout.  It’s a regular day though and I am going to head downstairs for coffee.

So last night at dance my daughters awesome teachers wanted to talk to all the dancers about the past weekend.  They all were great!  One of the mom’s brought in some ice-cream and cookies.  I believe I have mentioned on several occasions – ice-cream is a huge weakness.  I didn’t have any!  The joy I feel when I can do that will never end – when I can step away from a food that is a weakness for me.  None of the mom’s ate any – but in the past I would have.  I’ve talked about moderation but that is a hard one for me.  It may not sound like a big deal but it really is to me.  Those successes never end, I ate so bad in the past.  So when I can pass up something that I CRAVED, I am going to do a little happy dance.  In my head people, not a visual you want to see.

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