My head has cleared a little so I am going to attempt this one more time.  The dizzy, jumping effect I often get is over – now I am just disconnected head.

I love the weekends because I get to spend time with my family.  I like it when we are all just in the house together.  Food and exercise though, Sat. and Sun. are really hard.  I’ve been in the kitchen at least a dozen times trying to find something to eat.  I am now upstairs typing to you all in an attempt to distract myself.  It’s not because I am avoiding food altogether, it’s because I just want to shove as much as I can into my face!  As far as exercise, well, I have no accountability.  Actually I do but it’s just to me.  Sadly sometimes that isn’t enough.  I usually try to do something one day out of the two but today is really looking sketchy.  I have no pep today.  I’ve mentioned before that faltering is going to happen.  We just have to get right back on track.  Two years later and I am facing a day that I am going to have to recover from.  I have faced these type of days before and I will again.  I will have to move on and not mentally punish myself for my lack of efforts today.  In the past a day like today would just end all lifestyle change efforts I was trying to make.  I’d feel defeated and just say “screw it”.  I’m not going to though.  I’ll pick my dragging a&* up and forgive myself for not being perfect in my efforts.

One step forward, two steps back.  Try hard to not let that be your weekend.  If it happens, don’t punish yourself!  We can’t expect perfection.


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