A new day!

  • Posted on January 20, 2013 at 8:35 am

Good Morning!!  So I guess you could tell that I wasn’t my best yesterday.  Ms. T always tells me she can “hear” if my mood is off when I text her.  You may have gotten that vibe yesterday.  Don’t believe for a second that I have this whole thing mastered – I don’t and never will.  Oh I know what I need to do and what works for me but damn if it isn’t hard to stick with day after day.  It’s a new day and I am focused and ready to do what I know I need to do.  I am starting off the morning with positive thinking and healthy is what I have in my head!  We are off to take Elizabeth to her Violin lesson and I will come back with a couple of ideas to share.

Stay positive and focused and believe in your heart that you can achieve your goal!!!!!!

2 Comments on A new day!

  1. amymessinger says:

    One of my hardest battles is night time!! I had such a great day yesterday and then I get up to my comfy spot and want to graze!! Yesterday, I totally carb-loaded like I had a run or something today. Crackers, cereal….WINE!!!! Sigh…….I was not even hungry…….:( Yes, each day and night is hard!!!!

  2. mbey71 says:

    Evenings are hard but u know I am early to bed so its not too horrible for me. Weekends are rough! Certainly wish I had a perfect solution!

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