Because I don’t drive, I am home a lot during the day.  Some days I needed to do something aside from doing what I needed to do around the house.  So I started reading more.  I found that reading help keep my mind off food!  I go through phases now because I am set in an exercise routine.  I don’t always have to try so hard to keep myself busy.  When I feel it though, when I know I need to occupy my head, I get a magazine or a book.  Sometimes if I can just push past those few minutes of craving something I’ll be ok.  Finding something to keep your mind occupied can help!  Picking a series was good for me.  I can’t stand it when I have to wait for the next release.  A long series – The Sookie Stackhouse Series.  It’s not finished so I am WAITING for her next release but there are currently nine books out there.  A tip – something that worked for me.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

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