Good Morning!!  So I survived the weekend without totally going over board.  I hope all of you are ready to get focused!  The last two days my posts have eluded to weekends being a little difficult for me.  Not every weekend but it still happens and more frequently than I would like.  I am not little miss sunshine trying to be a workout and health nut cheerleader.  I don’t wake up smiling and have a sparkling glow.  I’m a grouchy bitch until I have had a least three cups of coffee and then its up in the air.  I have spent two years trying to lose weight and I finally did it and the hard truth is I can’t ever give up!!  EVER!  That part of me that struggled so hard wants to push all of you who are trying.  It’s not ok to hold on to those extra pounds if you are not ok with them.  I get frustrated and pissed because I have to think about this all the time.  I wish I could take a break and I am betting that many of you feel the same.  I spoke with one of my many Dr.’s Fri. and was annoyed by what she told me.  I totally let that affect me and I shouldn’t have.  I was pretty much pissed all weekend and didn’t want to do anything.  Changes into a healthy lifestyle, epilepsy, other health issues, kids, work – whatever.  Any issue we are facing can only be made better if we are healthy and feel good.  Those of you who know me – if you knew me in high school or you met me after my weight gain, you are seeing and hearing what I have done.  I’ve told you and I will tell you again – 258 at my highest, now I am 138 to 141.  Dig Deep!

I had my yummy grapefruit juice this morning and I am prepared to workout.  My focus has changed to positive!

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