I am struggling with my post today.  I’ve been trying to get one out early each morning but I got off schedule today.  I know what I want to say but it’s not flowing in the right way.  Everyone was out the door on time today but the school bus showed up very late.  By the time I got in the house and ready for my session with Ms. T. it was too late to write.  I can’t get focused now.  I have written and deleted line after line.  I attended a couple of sessions of a bible study with Ms. T. & Ms. H. a few months back.  I didn’t complete the study but one session I went to talked about giving yourself grace – it stuck with me.  I guess giving grace in any way that we need.  Grace in how we handled something, spoke to someone or how they spoke to us.  Think about it.  I have to give myself grace sometimes when I get flustered with weight management or other things.  Work hard at your healthy efforts everyone!!  Give yourself grace for stumbling or for just getting upset.

I gotta give myself grace today for my frustrations with this post.  Good Luck everyone!!!

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