I am having some problems with my accounts.  Twitter got hacked – it’s a big one going around.  I think I may have messed up my link to facebook – we’ll c if this posts.  I am so sore from working out yesterday!  TMI, I know, but I am on my cycle – yippie!!  Sorry Dad.  I weighed this morning and that’s a big no no, I am always up 3-4 pds when the friend is here.  Makes me mad and a little depressed.  I have already had my grouchy day and my two days of wanting to eat pretty much everything  are over.  That is a plus.  So I will be relying on my coffee more than usual!!  I will need it for some pep, get me moving!!  This girl’s a#$ is dragging!!  Maybe I’ll take some to the gym instead of water.  I’m totally kidding, don’t do that.  It will be a fun day at the gym for my gym buddy though, anything that I can turn into sarcasm or gutter, she’ll get it.  Good thing she can match me!!

I will use these very minor annoyance to get me ready for a workout.   Small as they may be, if it pushes me, I don’t care.  I use what I need to get through a workout on days like this or any day for that matter.  Don’t let silly things stop you.  Everything I am complaining about today, silly.  In the past though, I would have let it stop me!  I would have sat on the couch, turned on something scary and ordered a pizza.  Don’t!  Use it guys – Ms. T taught me that.  I learned how to box pretty good – she taught me and she encouraged me to let out those frustrations.  Now I can even make her take a step back sometimes, right hook.  Not often but when it happens, damn its awesome!!

Use your frustrations – let them out through excercise!!!

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