Hello everyone!!  No school today where I live, teacher workday I believe.  Went to the gym already, my daughter came along and hung in the kids area with my gym buddy’s little boy.  We rocked out our cardio quick and then worked our legs til we both could hardly walk.  There is some nasty weather out there for some of you, kids at home, other things.  Try to make it work.  Sometimes I have to change stuff around too.  If I can’t get out, I do something at home and make it fun if Elizabeth is home.  That way she’ll join me.  She actually loves that.  We turn up some good music and make it a dance party workout.  Trust me I know some of the things I say, suggest, are totally going to come out cheezie or just plain dumb.  It works though and that’s what counts!!!

I am currently scheduled to be playing Mario-cart with Elizabeth.   She did my task so now its her turn to pick.  I will be back later today to push you guys through the weekend!!  I’ll also have a quote/picture on my homepage.  It makes me laugh so I want to share.  Things like that make my challenges easier at times!  That will take me a few minutes to adjust the page – my computer skills are still slow.  Wish me luck, I am off to a Mario battle!!

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