Today was a little crazy.  Busy with my daughter and then – it snowed!!!!  Doesn’t happen much here so all the kids on the cul-de-sac wanted to go outside.  They all had fun, I even went out for a few.  I received a very warm reception from the sak pak adults when I emerged from the house.  They know how I get and love to joke me when I step out of the box.

So, I have already set my mind to this being a much better weekend for me.  I will not be lazy and I will eat healthy.  Already have plans with my gym buddy for a Saturday morning workout bright and early.  We both have a new goal we want to reach so we have decided to add a gym day on the weekend – we usually do our own thing.  When I workout in the morning I find my day is much better health wise.  When I put time into a good workout, I refuse to ruin that time by making poor choices.  That is a tip to you all.  Working out before your day really gets started seems to set a good tone in my opinion.  As hard as a workout might be, most of us can admit we feel better after completing it.  Set your day off that way.  Don’t give yourself the opportunity to skip the exercise.  Everyday that you make it happen, you are one step closer to making exercise part of your daily routine.  You will start looking forward to it.  I am not joking, you will look forward to daily exercise sooner than you think.

No – if I can, when I can, I hope I can, maybe I will – STOP!  Drop the doubt.  If you haven’t read my last entry under my weight loss story tab.  Read it!  Those extra pounds I carried suffocated my confidence.  I’ve changed so much throughout this process and am still working through some things.  Can’t tell you how good it feels to have my confidence back.  It’s not 100%, but everyday owning what I have done gets easier and easier.  My confidence gets more fierce each day.  Have a great weekend!!!!

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