Good morning everyone!  As I am typing to you around 10 am in the morning, I should actually be at the gym.  Why am I not?  Snow!  We got some snow yesterday evening and probably a little freezing rain.  As I mentioned yesterday, we rarely have weather like this.  Rd.s in my neighborhood are ice and the gym’s facebook page says their parking lot is like a skating rink.  Not sure about the main rds., they may not be bad but a fall in the parking lot isn’t really worth it.  I can be pretty die-hard but I do draw the line.  My buddy and I have new goals to reach and today was going to be our first day on the weekend at the gym.  We’ve decided that a fall in the parking lot wouldn’t be the best for us.  If either one of us was going down and busting it on that ice – we were taking the other one with us.  We totally would too!!  Then such extreme laughter would ensue, we’d never get up!  Oh no – there would be no concern for the others safety, whether injury had occurred.  The manner in which the fall happened and the way it looked going down would take over.  Hopefully someone would have it on video and submit it to Ellen!

Sometimes we have to change our plans and that is what we’ll do.  Exercise at home.  This happening really wasn’t a thought in my head, it should have been but it wasn’t.  Can’t let that deter me.  I can be pretty bad about having my workout plan set and if it changes – hmmm, that can be hard.  I’ve gotten much better about not letting it bother me.  I have to be more strict on the weekends.  I usually always move, keep busy.  I am going to have to add another good workout day though to push through to my new goal.  Saturday’s have been scheduled as that day.

If you all have had a change in your plans today, still make exercise happen.  Do two or three rounds of one of the exercise routines listed in my quotes.  Use your stairs to do some dips, hold in squat position with your back to your wall, 10 push ups.  Five or six exercise moves 10/12 times and repeat.  We gotta stay focused on want we most!  Have a great day!

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