Hello Everyone!  Sunday afternoon and I am typing while listening to Elizabeth practice violin.  I love listening to her play.  She’s funny because she wants my help but she doesn’t want me to “hover”.  I like hearing her talk to herself, how she works through getting a note correct.  She hum’s or says things that she knows her teacher would say.  She has been working on this one piece of music since she has been with her new teacher.  She started it shortly before her last teacher went off to college.  It’s a very challenging piece, I am told.  A bridge to the next level I guess you could say.  I have no clue, I played piano back when I was in elementary school and I didn’t do that for long.  The thing is, she doesn’t give up.  I’ll hear her say “no wait”, there’s a pause and then she’ll try again and may do that over and over but she’ll do it until she gets it.  She will get through that piece – she’s determined.

A friends question and my daughters violin practice have brought me to this post.  Side note, you’ve noticed I don’t say names in my posts.  Some people would prefer I didn’t and some people don’t care.  So I just don’t say.  People who live around me, most know who Ms. T, Ms. H and gym buddy are – it is not really a secret.  It was just something I did for fun in giving them a name.  I am hearing from people and quiet honestly I didn’t expect that.  I love it though and am happy to share what I’ve done.  That’s the whole purpose of this site.

A friend asked me how I was able to break through at points in my weight loss.  The honest truth is if I have a goal in mind I just can’t eat poorly or skip workouts.  I will admit that because I am pretty much at my goal, weight wise, I have been able to allow myself some things in moderation – except ice-cream!  We’ve discussed that.  When I set my mind on a new goal though, I have to make adjustments.  Several months back I was trying so hard to push past a plateau – the one my friend asked about.  For me, there was no straying from good choices and workouts were not an option.  Focus, focus.  One big thing I did was add a shake to replace lunch.  Shakeology is my preference.  When I did that, I saw immediate changes.  I was also shaking up my workouts a little more too.  Those last five or ten pounds are always the hardest so for me there was no falling off track.  Please remember that the goal you pick really should be one that you can maintain on a regular basis.  Yes I remind myself of that daily.

My sessions with Ms. T are kick ass hard-core workouts.  My gym buddy and I do crazy cardio and alternate each day with arms or legs.  Abs every day.  Our addition of Saturdays – that is going to be total fat burn cardio.  Ms. T told us how to do that.    I’ve told you all it is a lifestyle change, it truly is.   I really wish I could tell you that I was able to cheat every now and then while trying to break through to my ultimate weight goal.  I can’t though because I didn’t.  Remember this – I did reach my goal!   I workout regularly now and love it and can now eat certain foods in moderation.   We gotta pick whats more important!  Make the choice and except that you are going to have to work for it!


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