So today my gym buddy and I go to the gym.  We are rotating out our cardio and today was elliptical – we hate it.  We sweated it out though!  A friend of ours showed up so all of our kids were thrilled to be hanging in the kids play area together.  The three of us started talking about food and our struggles.

Weekends off, cheat days, cheat meal.  We were talking about what we have tried, what works and what doesn’t.  Finding little things that work for one of us that may not for the other.  Play around everyone, find what works for you.  The three of us agreed that giving ourselves an entire day off or weekend for that matter – is just too hard to recover from.  The cheat day doesn’t stay to one day, it rolls into another one.

I know for me to much time away from my focus is probably going to be too much, too hard to recover from.  We talked about the upcoming super bowl as an example.  Lots of us like to watch, have super bowl food, maybe a couple of beers.  That doesn’t mean we have to blow our whole weekend.  We have all this time from now until Sunday night.  Eat good, exercise.  When super bowl comes around you can enjoy yourself.  Have a couple of snacks, beverage, whatever.  We all have to find things that work for each of us.  Just remember that a habit of giving yourself Saturday and Sunday off each week is probably not going to get you to your goal.  Give it some thought everyone!!!!  Good night!

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