Good morning everyone!  No school today, I like no school days.  We are up and getting ready to head out the door.  Gym buddy and her son are up early so we are headin out.  Elizabeth will go in the kids area with my buddy’s little boy.  She like’s doing that now and then.  We are off to a workout and then I have lots to do here.  One thing – Christmas tree.  Yes our tree is still up.  It takes three days to put it up so we leave it up through January.  It’s the beast!  I will be back to make some corrections, I saw some last night.  I will be making some updates as well.

Get going everyone.  Get that workout in as early as you can – sets your day off right!!!  If you had a rough weekend, its ok.  Put it behind you and move on.  Talk yourself through choices people.  I do it everyday.  Don’t every let a falter stop you dead in your tracks.  I have said it before and I will remind you constantly.  I know I sound like a cheerleader right now – I was in high school.  I needed cheering and I am trying to do that for others who struggle like me.  I won’t always be the nice peppy cheerleader like Ms. T. but I will encourage you and push you.  We have it in us, sometimes we just gotta find it!!!

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