T was here today, she’s just T today.  She kicked my ass big time.  One minute jump rope followed by three different one minute exercises and then jump rope again.  That continued for 1 hour.  Then gym with gb.  2,2,1 on treadmill.  What’s that?  Well its just plain fun!!!  2 minute walk on incline, 2 minute jog and then 1 minute run/sprint.  20 minutes of pure joyous fun!!  I’m tired and I stink.  I’m sitting here typing, listening to music and now and then stop and look out the window.  I can feel the slumber settle in when I glance outside so I am trying to stay focused.

Working out in general makes me feel awesome!  Shaking things up a bit right now so I am struggling a little with energy I think.  We’ve set new goals, gb and I, so the food choices are more strict.  No messin when we are at the gym either.  We are still jackwagons but we are working hard.    We’ve both been working hard but pretty much maintaining.  We are ready to push to that new goal.  I’ve read that it takes two weeks to set a new habit.  I guess exercise wise that may be true for me.   Once I made the commitment two years ago I’ve remained steady.  I really do hate missing more than a day or two of exercise.  Food wise, I don’t need two weeks but food is the hardest part for me, always has been and always will be.  I have found though, if I can get two good days under my belt then I am good.  Two days, and I have the drive to stick with it.  That’s not much guys.   Joke about it, find the humor.  Me, T, gb and H, we will laugh at the tasteless crackers or fruit when we really want a cookie.  T and H are always trying to find these great healthy things.  They’ll say – I found these, try this, there really good!!  It isn’t good but it’s funny – they usually do think its good though.  T talks about her frozen something burgers that have corn or some kinda crap in them.  She says they are so awesome.  I tried it one time.  I recall saying that I would rather eat my dog’s food before eating that crap again!!!  Make your healthy choices and stick with it.  Find the humor!  I do it all the time.  You know what?  I don’t want to go downstairs and drink my freakin shakelogoy!  I want to eat pizza but I won’t.  I will be talking out loud to myself about how crappy my lunch is.   At some point today, gb and I will send each other a pic of something we are eating.  She sent me a pic of her apple she was eating yesterday and I sent her a pic of my shakeology.  Stay focused and do what you have to do but don’t be so serious about eating the healthy choices you know you should eat.

I have my weeks, days – we all do, that are harder than others.  I know I will stumble and so will you.  Take it day by day.  Shot for two days – you will feel good about yourself for doing that.  It will get easier but always know that managing this will most likely never end.

What’s next – ugh, working on not seeing so many imperfections.  (we talked about that today too).  I’ll talk about it tomorrow.  I am messing with my site again today on and off.  I am supposed to be able to add links for you all to click on.  I am trying to figure that out.  I have my fav things that I like to check out and I want to make them available to you.  Plus I am learning more about how to run this site and just want to add more things to it.  Please be patient, I’ve mentioned I’m not very technical.  There is always the Emaster if I get too stumped.  Have a great days guys!!!  Laugh at your frustrations!!!!!

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