My story is reaching the part where weight loss actually happened.  Read it guys if you are trying and you are struggling.  Nothing about this journey was easy for me.  I was a closet eater!  My husband, family and friends are learning things about me that they never knew.  I want to share with you daily how I am feeling and how I work through it.  This is weight management and it will never end for me.  Some days I may say nothing that hits home with you but it does someone else.

I am trying to add things to my site and provide information that works for me, things I read, follow etc.  I want you to see it too.  This is way out of the box for me.  I am the hermit – I love being home.  I have a guard up most times and poker face on.   But I know what this can be like, the frustration and feeling like a failure.  I wish I could say I used some magic but I can’t – I didn’t!  I was frustrated, pissed, happy, sad, you name it!!  But every pound lost was a step in the right direction.  It doesn’t matter how long it takes, just that it happens!!  Make your decision, there is no reason to put it off.  Every healthy choice you make and every move you make toward exercise is better than none at all!!  Don’t wait until after a dinner party to start, or the super bowl or a girls night.  Do everything right until that event, enjoy yourself and then get back on track right after!!!

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