I am home and getting ready to do several things.  I have a list of things to accomplish – I had to write them down or I will totally forget!!  I was off to my daughters school to help in her class.  I go every Thursday.  Gb and I had to change our normal workout time, there was no skipping out on the gym.  It’s funny because you get used to seeing the same people.  We were so far off our normal time that we knew no one.  We don’t really know any of the people we regularly see but you say “Hi” that sort of thing.  We did see Ms. T.  She was meeting Ms. H.  T and gb were joking with me saying it bothered me that T wasn’t paying attention to me.  I said it didn’t but it really did.  When I am working out and she is around, I expect to be the center of her attention.  Ok, I said it.  Now they all know that it bothers me and I am a big baby!

When gb and I got there we saw my neighbor from across the street.  She was biking away and studying for a test.  We were joking about it but she said if she was at home she would be sitting on the couch and most likely would not be studying.  I liked that!!  We all have to make use of our time and do what we gotta do to get things done.  We are always going to have things we need to do, things that hang over our head.    Taking 30 minutes to exercise isn’t going to make much difference in the end as to when we get the laundry done, is it?   Like my neighbor said, she would have been sitting at home on the couch.  She added one thing she wanted to do with another and ultimately accomplished more!

We all have a list of chores to do around our homes, kids to care for, jobs to do.  They are always going to be there.  My husband says this to me all the time, reminds me to chill about it.  Finding at least 30 minutes to exercise, we can do that.  My carpet needs to be vacuumed but skipping the gym to get it done or doing it after – would that have made a difference?  No.  Sure my house could be cleaned but as my husband says – I can do it another day.  It’s picked up, presentable.  I can always make time for the cleaning police another day.  I can spread cleaning out over a few days and that is what I try to do.   We put so much pressure on ourselves to do things that can be small in the end.  What is more important, health or a spotless floor?

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