Today was the first Saturday that gb and I did our cardio at the gym.  Another friend of ours met us there and we knocked it out!!! We were discussing our plans for food for the weekend.  There it is food!!!  No more free passes on the weekend, no more full days off.  Obviously not permanently but the intention is to form a habit that doesn’t require so much focus on food and the desire to reach a day off.

Now, my husband is not a huge sports fan but he does pay attention to football and baseball as seasons wrap up.  He knows who is in the running for the big games.  Most of us know that the super bowl is tomorrow.  I posted about this a few days back and how food can be a focus and an issue. I admit I am one of the people who watches to see the commercials.  Most times we watch the game with friends and what do we do?  Yes, MAKE FOOD!!  Right now I am feeling very confident that I am going to be just fine.  My neighbor – Ms. S – ugh, she is making these slider’s that are ridiculously amazing.  I am guessing that I could probably polish off about six of them.  I am going to eat two.  I have a game plan.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can hold to it.

Good choices yesterday and good choices today.  I will make good choices tomorrow so I can have those couple of sliders.  I am going in focused – but guys – don’t beat yourself up if you fall off a bit.  Have fun watching and hanging with friends – just plan for it!!!  I will be honest on Monday and let you know.  Have fun and good luck!!!

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