Ok, I have to get my day off right this morning OR I am going to be typing to you all tomorrow with a confession.  The confession being that I took out every man, women and child at S’s house to eat every slider that she made.  This would be a huge effort on my part because her husband likes them too and he would battle me to the end.  Since I have shared some pretty intense things I have done to get food – well I think we know who the victor would be!!!  Gotta start my day off right or I will say to hell with it and gorge!

I’m staying busy today and going to drink water and  make good choices.  That way I won’t be hurting our neighbors and hurting friendships as well.  I am going to finish taking down our tree.  WHAT?!  That’s right, that’s right.  I didn’t finish.  Stay busy guys.  If you have plans tonight and you know you want to enjoy a few things.  Good choices today and move!  I will be back in the morning to let you know if we’ve been kicked out of the sak!!!  We got this, good luck!!

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