Hi everyone!  If you have read my epilepsy tab you know that I have started the process for surgery evaluation.  I am not going to go into detail right now about anything – 1. I don’t feel like it and 2. I am trying to do posts of the process in order under my epilepsy tab.  I know I have said many times we all have different things that we deal with daily and these things can affect our mood and motivation.  Work, kids, busy schedules, whatever.  Well, I am annoyed, irritated, frustrated and just plain bothered.  Times like this I want to throw my hands up in the air and say that I no longer care about weight and workouts.

My daughter can see it, feel it when these moods approach even though I try very hard to hide it.  She knows my brain has “impairments”, it’s all she has known.  My husband on the other hand gets me fighting back tears and the rambling on about stuff, grouchy moods and my bitching.  He is the only one that see’s my vulnerable side.  My brain can affect them daily.  I hate when I feel like this, it doesn’t happen often but it happens.  I can be so flippant.  It’s ugly and I don’t think its funny.  I generally save that beauteous behavior for certain people mostly family but Ms. T has seen it rear its ugly head several times, so has S.  H and gb, oh they have been recently introduced too.

Why am I telling you this?  I don’t know.  I’m annoyed I guess but eating bad and being lazy aren’t going to help me.  Get friends and family behind you when you need it.  I find as much humor as I can and make fun but there are days though when I just get pissed!  My situation is no worse than someone else – I have had to learn to not let those moods ruin my goals.

I’ve had a couple of cranky days but I am bouncing out of it.  Tonight is about my daughter.  We bought tickets to take her to the live broadcast of Josh Groban’s NYC concert.   She’s been counting down the day’s to this show and the delivery of his new CD.

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