So how were the football snacks last night for everyone?  I only ate two sliders but I did have a couple extra things.  I consumed a little more than I should have of a yummy dip.  On the positive side, I drank lots of water, no soda and no beer.  Went to the gym today with gb and I have to be honest  – both of us were/are feeling a bit in the dumps!  Weight management is a pain.  We both have set goals and both of us are feeling frustrated.  We are wondering if we are harping too much on a number?! (I know I will hear from T on this)

We are working so hard and both feel like we are getting no where.  By that I mean the weight goal we have set for ourselves.  We work hard, we know we are gaining muscle but that is not cutting it for us.  We talked more about that and know we have to get a different mindset.  Work in progress lets say.  We both were dragging and we know it’s because of the choices we made last night.  We told each other what we ate and neither of us were over the top bad.  They were choices we don’t make on a regular basis though.  So cheat day, cheat food – we felt it.  Not sure either of us thought it was worth it.

Frustration is a big thing that can put a damper on sticking to a healthy lifestyle.  It put us both in a slump today.  Not sure a couple of snacks are worth feeling the way we did today.  That makes you think even more about the damn number!!!!  Plus, my stomach was killing me in the middle of the night!

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