Home from the gym and ready to get busy.  Not so productive last couple of days – call from Dr. B’s nurse saying that one of my med’s is way off and prob has been for a few weeks.  Potentially causing some of my issues – metabolizing different etc.  SO, moving on.  We are trying to change our focus, me and gb.  Trying to stop worrying about the scale.  Won’t be easy we know but it’s gotta happen!  Don’t get deterred from your goal’s.  We step out of line, we go through the motions, or we fall flat on our faces.  Keep pushing through.  We were both so down yesterday about the scale but we did our workout, watched our choices and we were right back at the gym today knocking it out.  Stopping certainly isn’t going to help us get where we want so we might as well crank our music up and work harder.  Plateau’s happen, just gotta stick it out!!


A tip/suggestion – depending how you monitor your choices.  Gotta remember our portions.  Something I have been guilty of in the past.  I will read a label and think ok this is pretty low cal etc.  Yes, if you eat the serving size.  Some of us don’t do that – me!!  When I eat cereal I have to put it in a certain bowl or I will eat two/three servings.  So instead of 120 cal’s, I have had at least 240 but I would count what the label said.  When I was first on my weight loss mission, honestly, I didn’t have to be quite so strict.  I had so much weight to lose that picking healthier choices period was helping me drop weight.  Now I am looking at a 7 lbs to drop and that will require me to focus.  Same for my buddy and we both know it!!!!  Pay attention to portions.  If you are counting, count correctly.  Stay committed, gb said it today – we may be stuck but we are at the gym not on our couches.

Don’t give up!!!!

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