Lord that was painful!!!  Seriously, gb and I were not feeling that workout today!!!  We were dying at cardio and we forced ourselves to do arms.  She said it though as we were leaving, it was better than doing nothing!  The minute I got in her car this morning it was clear that we didn’t have our usual pep!  We were both flat and just wanted to get it over with.  I don’t think either one of us would have cared if the other one wanted to bail BUT we didn’t.   Moods, wow how we all can let them dictate our day.   There was no way we weren’t going to do something though – its such a habit now.  But we certainly weren’t as productive as usual.   It’s ok though, just don’t skip!  If you do half the workout you normally would you will be keeping to your routine.  Staying consistent with exercise is so key.  Habit, habit!!!!

She and I have talked about the scale, talked about not focusing on the number.  It’s hard to get use to that.  I think we are both bothered by that as well.  Maybe not bothered but it’s hard to adjust the mind.  I’m texting T bitching cause she took my scale and I have basically threatened gb with an actual football tackle if she dare step on the scale at the gym!!  Why?  I  can’t say for sure – I don’t know why I am this way.  It sure is horrible that I have put so much thought into that stupid scale.   TV commercials of the new “it” girl model.  The Hardee’s commercial during the super bowl – string bikini, walking down the beach with no jiggling what so ever and she lays down and starts macking on some fattening fast food!!!  Why are women so obsessed with weight and how they look?  I HAVE NO CLUE!!!  I am well aware of the reality of all that – we all are.  But does it change that imagine in our head?  I’m open-minded, TV is what is, radio, music, books.  I read 50 shades – all three books in a week.    But for those of us that struggle with weight or have to work really hard to maintain etc. – Watching some skinny chic eating some fried fish sandwich while rocking her string bikini – Yep, I wanna spit nails!

I think about my daughter and the images of “perfection” shoved in her face daily.  I ‘m not setting a very good example when I talk about myself the way I do at times.  She thinks I am awesome and I put myself down.  Ugh!  Weight is a pain the ass!!!

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