Well a session with Shaun T and his insanity program may be in order today.  Unlike some of my friends, I draw the line at walking/running in certain temps.  Today is one of them.  No thank you!!  Saturday is to be mine and gb’s fat burn cardio at the gym but she is working this am.  She’ll get her exercise though – dancing for four hours with 30 some girls ages 8 to 17.  Again, I think I’ll pick insanity.  I must admit that today will require will power.  Good old PMS is knocking on my door and I will be the first to admit that this chic can get UGLY!  Weekends are so hard for so many of us.  Hard for me in general but when I get grouchy, lazy and want to eat the pantry – it makes for a long weekend.  For daughter and husband too.  Don’t punish yourself, it’s makes us want to quit!  I may have to forgive myself.  I am going to try to make exercise happen but honestly guys it might not.

I follow Fitness&Nutrition on twitter, they always have some pretty good tweets.  Here is one from yesterday – Progress isn’t about making things easier – http://instagram.com/p/Vfe9B1rYoU/

Things like this do motivate me – they motivate and the results happen!

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