I hate getting older!  I mentioned in the beginning when starting this blog that I don’t share my age.  Many of you know but a lot of you don’t and for those of you who don’t – that’s how its gonna stay.  I don’t like celebrating my birthday.  I am going to tell you that yesterday was my birthday only because it does lead to my post.  So yesterday I ate!  I always eat but I eat in a scheduled way.  I have mentioned before, I plan!  Moderation, portions and really sticking with good choices that work for me.  I don’t really give myself a cheat day but I will allow for cake, a meal out etc.  I’ve been over this but as a reminder, in general I stay focused.  Yesterday I was older, grouchy and decided that if I wanted to make choices I normally wouldn’t – well that was ok.  So after violin I told my husband I wanted to go get breakfast – I wanted pancakes!  We did and I attacked the pancakes.  They were huge, three of them and I put a pretty good dent in them.  Then we went home and I decided I wasn’t going to do crap!  I stuck to that – I didn’t do anything!  No exercise, just sat in the bed watching TV.  My husband and daughter went out and shopped for dinner, I asked for soda and they brought me one.  Dinner was YUMMY!  Spaghetti with homemade meatballs.  Oh and yes there was cake.  They made me a chocolate cake and I ate some.  I was sooooo full!!!!  It was all very yummy and I don’t regret eating any of it.  It was a “special” day and my husband and daughter were so sweet and it was yummy and perfect.  I couldn’t, can’t, won’t do that often.  Yes it was so worth it but to make those exceptions on a regular basis – no way!!!  To take a whole day like I did and eat without a care – I can’t do it.  I’m recovering from that.  So many of you have shared with me how hard weekends can be – I agree they are.  Taking days off, feeling full and blah just because, is that really worth it?  My family catered to me because it was my day and they know how much I hate Feb. 10th.  It’s just not something we can do as a general rule, we just can’t make it an every weekend thing.

Gb and I busted our butts today!  20,20,20.  All cardio fat burn.  20 minute treadmill walk, jog, sprint then 20 minute on croosroad machine (i think that’s the name) and 20 minutes on the bike.  We were ugly when we left there but texted each other later saying we felt great!  So, I am sharing with you that I blew it out on the eating Sunday and it was great BUT I had to kick it today at the gym.  Lots of water today and focus.  Weekends and denying food – that’s what many of you share with me as issues.  That is the reason for this post.  You don’t have to deny BUT you do have to be smart.  We all know what we really have to do to be successful!!

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