Gb and I are so pumped today to get back to the gym.  Weird right?  Sometimes I think when you dread a workout and you then get through it you just feel freakin awesome- fierce awesome!!  Well that is us!  Neither one of us wanted to workout yesterday, there was no choice of course and it was indeed painful!!  We saw a friend of ours there and she felt the same, all three of us talking about the push we had to make to get ourselves through the door at Fitness19!  Today we are ready to go!  I’m not joking when I say you are going to look forward to exercise.  T said that to me in the beginning and of course that was another time I wanted to punch her in the face.  Stop telling me I am gonna like this lady!!!  She was right, I hope she misses this post today cause I won’t hear the end of it.  She won’t though so I’ll have to suck it up!  Day by day guys but I swear you’ll enjoy it in the end.

Catch up later!!

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