An entire week has passed and today was the first day I weighed!  Wednesday’s is my workout with T and she brought my scale back.  She took it last week remember?!  She asked me today if I had weighed while at the gym.  You locals know that Fitness19 has a scale in the back area.  Seriously T?  How long have we been doing this workout thing?  I have told her I weigh the first thing in the am!  I take everything off, all the way down to jewelry!  So no I did not weigh at the gym.   I mentioned in a post a couple of days ago that I was feeling ok about the separation from the scale.  I had to admit that to her today – like three times cause she wanted me to tell her she was right.  I stepped on it and all was good weight wise but that immediate sensation of wanting to do that daily returned.  My scale is now in T’s car and I will see it again next week.

You guys know that when you share something with me there is a chance it will end up on my blog in some form.  I will never say names but remember there are so many of us struggling with this that all our stories are so relatable.  I have several friends who I have discussed this scale issue with on more than one occasion.  One friend just told me this morning that she started her morning routine as she normally does.  She turned to step on the scale and it was gone.  Her husband hid it from her!  He was tired of seeing her beat herself up over the number when he see’s how great she looks and how hard she works.  Good for him, that’s what I told her.

Friends and family can support us through our battles so lean on them when you need it!  Don’t be embarrassed, don’t be afraid!  Think back to some of the crap I have shared!  Confessing to eating food the way I did.  So what, I worked through it and  I don’t care anymore.  I don’t give a crap if you all know that it was nothing for me to polish off a dozen donuts.   I don’t do it now so what does it matter if I have done it in the past.  When you decide to change your lifestyle and move in a healthy direction your poor choices from the past don’t matter anymore!

Several of you do contact me and I enjoy the communication.  Text me, in-box me on fb, e-mail me – whatever.  If there is a specific issue you struggle with, pretty sure I have too.  Give yourself more credit – you can reach the goals you set!!

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