I spent my entire afternoon with T and I am exhausted.  I can only take her for so long!!!  Ha!  I joke.  She’s cool and it’s always fun.  After my morning post, poor gb was wondering why I only act up at the gym when I’m with her.  No she wasn’t, she know’s why.  Because of me and gb coming to a practical place about weight, T gave me back my scale today.  I’m ok right now having it back in the house.  My daughter yelled at me already because she thought I was going to step on it.  I was literally putting it back where it goes and she was on me.  I swore to her I wasn’t but I was trying to figure out why it was set to weigh in kg.  I bet T did that!  I now have a scale monitor at home.  Elizabeth has told T that if I step on the scale she will let her know.  It’s a trial.  I am going to try to go two days with it here and not weigh.  If I can’t do it then it will be removed again.

My day facing plans that I don’t normally have on Friday are over.  I can relax and wait for my husband to get home and our evening plans roll in.  Our weekend is normal, usual weekend plans and I am happy.  Stay committed to your goals everyone and remember you set them for a reason!  They are important to you and when you meet them you’ll feel awesome!   Have a good night!!

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