So today I will have to be on my best behavior at the gym.  Gb and I acting like jackwagons isn’t going to happen.  She has an appointment and we can’t get our gym time in around our schedules today.  She will do a workout at home – she’s very good about that.  I am going to go to the gym with T.  I haven’t been to the gym with her in a while.  Our schedules are so different right now.  Gb and I have gotten use to rocking the exercise out first thing!  No one at the gym cares who comes with who and who does what.  But I’ve told you that we think we are funny and that’s how we entertain ourselves when we are busting it at the gym.  T doesn’t play the game.  She’ll just toss a weight at my head to get me to shut it!!  OR roll her eyes at me and walk away.  A change in plans doesn’t mean you blow off exercise right?  I’ve said that before.  This is a lifestyle change guys and you have to be able to accommodate for changes in your day or week.  Exercise is a habit for us now, a good one.  Your going to have crappy days and you may have days that a workout just isn’t possible.  Be sure that one day off doesn’t turn into another and then another.  We are at a point now where that won’t happen.  It may not be that every workout is awesome and you are wicked excited BUT you are going to get to the point where missing a workout kinda pisses you off.

Everyday is not easy.  I make posts and try to encourage but I do understand that there are times that a break to do something for yourself just doesn’t seem possible or maybe it isn’t.  Changing plans can also be an issue, I get that believe me.  Some of you probably think its simple for me and wonder what the hell I do all day.  It definitely is easy for me to get my workout in and plan healthy choices, I admit it.  I joke with my husband about my busy life and what I need to get done.  I realize that I don’t have the schedule to over come like a lot of you.  Eric jokes with me but the thing is, he knows how I struggle – not always an epilepsy thing.  He knows that one appointment in a week can turn me inside out.  So he jokes with me and always in a casual way tells me its gonna be fine.  He’s on auto-pilot with some things and I am not sure he even realizes it anymore.  He’s very aware of my inner thinking and I am very lucky to have him.  I can follow a consistent schedule but outside of that I seriously have to plan.  Most of the time I struggle with this during the day when he and Elizabeth are gone.  Can’t explain that!  I was supposed to go to Dr. B’s office this week for a Dilantin blood check and I didn’t.  They will have to call me because I can’t willingly call them and schedule an appt.  Weird I know.

Please know that I don’t share this for pity or attention.  I totally know I have more freedom to do this whole healthy lifestyle thing.  I tell you all these things because I struggle in a different way.  Hell it isn’t always an epilepsy thing, it’s just a what the hell is her problem thing.  Certainly I am not saying my struggles are harder, they aren’t.  I just want to be relatable to you.  We may not have the same daily things going on but we do have things we work through.  I understand if you have days you can’t make it happen but I am going to post to you all everyday saying that you can!!  We all can!!!  Oh yes, and I won’t act like a jacka%& without gb at the gym today.  I’ll be good for T!

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