Hey everyone!  I hope you all are having a great weekend.  We’ve been busy today – yes -Elizabeth was busy with dance.  We are finally settling in and she is exhausted!!   The dance team she is a part of worked hard today!!  They are a joy to watch.

I haven’t exercised today but I have been good with my food choices.  I took my morning trileptal late so a workout early evening wasn’t going to happen.  I will make up for it tomorrow.  I really don’t have a choice.  Ugh! I am hot and cold right now and starting to get grouchy.  Behavior and mood, guess we are gonna spin on a dime tonight.  Daughter and husband have gone upstairs to watch a movie – wisely!  I wouldn’t want to hang around me if I didn’t have to.  Enjoy the rest of your evening!  I am gonna settle my annoying self in and watch Ghost Adventures.  Goodnight All!

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