I hate when I have days like this!  I guess I should mention that I had a few hours of the same yesterday!!  Moments when I just can’t keep up.  I had a point yesterday where I just  felt like I was thinking, and typing in circles.  I pretty much was!   I’m not sure I ever said what I was trying to say.  I’d try to go back and fix it but that thought has long since vanished!  Moving on to today and I can’t truly say that I am much better.  I am trying to fix my home page so forgive me if you go to it and it looks like a hot mess.  I’m sitting in the computer room talking to myself cause I can’t get things to format the way I want.  The little things that can set me off!!  The aggravation that can so easily, put me in a bad mood and encourage me to just eat whatever I want.  I can’t seem to see one thing through.  I need to do laundry, fix a few things on my blog, clean the house up a little and take a shower.  I’ve done none of it.  Walking in circles!!!!

I shall share with you what I did do.  I went to the gym!!  Perfect, feeling good about that.  Just imagine how crazy I would be if I hadn’t exercised!  It’s a holiday so no school and husband is home from work.  I happened to think about the gym around 8am when my dog woke me up to go pee.  I checked my phone and yes I had a text from gb.  You guys know she comes up daily in my posts and she has said she doesn’t care if I use her name.   So I am gonna – her name is Bailey.   You all who live around here know we workout together almost everyday.  She came to pick me up at our regular workout time and we hit the door’s at Fitness19.  It was freakin crowded today too.  We are working on toning, our new focus.  Bailey mentioned keeping track of our workouts and we’ve talked over and over about getting a notebook/workout journal.  Something so we can keep track of seat positions, weight etc.  Ummmm,  I’m gonna say that we’ve talked about the notebook for a couple of weeks now.  It came up again today and I said that I would grab a book at home and set it up for us – telling her we really needed to do it.  Her response to me – Or we could just not do it and keep talking about doing it and just see what happens!  This is us, how we roll.  So, I have a notebook and I am setting it up.  When we show at the gym tomorrow, I will be bringing the book!  I think I’m gonna name it – Jackwagon Journal! So ha, Bailey – it’s done!

There are a lot of dedicated people at the gym and the age range is spread across the board.  Bailey and I both have said we hope we can stay as dedicated.  It’s never too late to get fit guys.  P90x – Tony Horton is in his 50’s and doesn’t look it.  I am not sure but I think he may have started his dedication to fitness later in his life.  My parent’s are taking health seriously now and I am very proud of them.  They had  dinner out last night and decided they would allow themselves pasta.  They haven’t eaten it in weeks.  They did, didn’t go overboard, said it was yummy and they are right back on track today.  Moderation.  Don’t set yourself up for failure from the very beginning by saying you’ll do what you can.  Don’t put limits on yourself because you are settling or you think your too old.  My daughter told her dance teacher and the rest of her teammates that her mom is old as dirt!   To an 8 year old maybe I am but I lost 120 pds – I’m not that old.  Push yourselves guys, everyday!!

I know, all over the place once again!!!!  ugh!

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