Home from the gym and no embarrassing falls or behavior.  Ok, lets not push it – there is a chance that our behavior was embarrassing.  Bailey and I don’t care though.  We rocked that workout and if we made fun of each other along the way and looked like fools – oh well.  We had the Jackwagon Journal today and we logged our workout in it.  In all honesty I think keeping track of what we were doing kept us focused.  We are both excited to see our progress over the next few weeks.  We both weighed today, logged it and won’t weigh again until next Tues.

We alternate the type of cardio we do each day.  Our gym has several options to choose from.  We couldn’t do the treadmill today – not an option!  I wouldn’t have been able to stay on and that wouldn’t be fair to all those at fitness19.  It doesn’t happen everyday but I do have mornings when my vision, focus and/or muscle control isn’t great.  So what can I do?  Carry my ass to the gym and work it out!!  There is no sympathizing from Bailey.  T doesn’t do it either when it happens during our training sessions.  I don’t want sympathy and the best thing to do is just work through it!!  Today the fog was a little heavier so I had to be able to hold on.  I’ve run on the treadmill while having one hand touch the bar so I can stay focused but I couldn’t do that today.  We decided on the cross-trainer and my hands hardly left the handles.  By the time we finished I was better.  Look what a workout can do!  We continued with weights and it was game on the whole time!

I have to share with you that the connections I have made because of this website have been amazing.  Finding people who can understand is an unbelievable feeling.  I can’t tell you how important it is to acknowledge what you fear, face, struggle with, etc.  Acknowledge it and move on.  We have to find a way to handle it instead of rolling around in it and crying about it.  I bitched for years about my weight – didn’t get me anywhere.  Crying and complaining didn’t get me healthy.  I’ve accepted that I have weight struggles, I have food issues and I have epilepsy.  You’d be surprised at the release I feel admitting that.  Can’t change those things in the sense of making them go away but I can do as much as possible to deal.   I’ll always have it but it’s really sinking in that I do.   There is a community of people out there struggling with the various things many of us struggle with.  Find those people, talk with them.  I’ve learned so much from catching up with old friends.  I know I will most likely never see them face to face but it doesn’t matter.  Finding various communities on twitter and Facebook – these people I will most likely never meet.  My twitter friends in the UK and TX.  Talking with them has been eye-opening.     Take charge of yourself!!!!   Acknowledge and work through it!!!!

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